Most common types of sex toys

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Most common types of sex toys

Using adult toys to facilitate sexual pleasure is nothing new. It has been around over 30.000 years according to recent discovery of a 20-centimetres phallus-shaped polished siltstone object found in Ulm, Germany. If we also remember examples from other ancient civilizations, like Greece, China or Roman Empire, we find more than enough evidence of the existence and usage of various additions to sex life and sexual intercourse.

At the old days, and even all the way to some 50-60 years back, sex toys predominantly consisted of a couple of traditional types, with over-sized dildos made of wood or metal being the number one toy all over the world. Things have changed dramatically after the sexual revolutions of 1960s and 70s and the awakening of feminism, so now toys for adult entertainment bring over $15 billion per year to sex toys stores and manufacturers. They are used more and more, and with development of online technologies and Ecommerce the sales are expected to skyrocket once again.

The most popular types sold and used all over the world are: 

Dildos: the most classic type of devices and are used for penetration. They basically represent replicas of real-life penises, and same like in nature – they come in all shapes and sizes. Although most of them are created to be realistic and to look like real men’s penises, with testicles, veins and even ejaculated liquid on some versions, there are those that are curved, in order to stimulate the G-spot better, and some are designed for double-penetration where both ends are used to stimulate partners at the same time. They are generally made of silicone rubber, but other materials are also used: wood, glass, plastic, etc. For people who have too much money and want to have the real golden sexual experience the most expensive toy is created: a dildo made of white gold encrusted with diamonds which will set you back as much as $55.000.

Vibrators: basically dildos with motors to give them a vibrating movement (even though there are types that are shaped in various different ways). They are also used for penetration usually, and are made of rubber or silicone. Some of them are battery-powered, while others have the option to be plugged into the electric socket. Most popular design of these toys is the “rabbit” vibrator, which provides clitoral stimulation with its “bunny ears” while at the same time giving sensual massage to the inside of the vagina. Other variations include anal vibrators, bullet vibrators, curved vibrators for stimulation of the G-spot and vibrator wands.

Cock rings: placed around the base of the penis usually provide wearer with the feeling of tightness enabling longer erection. This type of adult toys also comes in variety of shapes and designs, but the most popular is the version with vibrator for clitoral stimulation of the female partner during intercourse.

Ben Wa balls: one or two connected small balls that are inserted into the vagina, and provide extreme sexual experience when rolling inside.

Bondage: Restraints, whips, masks and other forms of BDSM equipment. Domination activities require this type of toys and they are also designed in various ways. Here we can also include handcuffs and blindfolds of any kind, which are not necessary part of traditional S&M folklore.



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